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On Wednesday, as the ego-ruling Sun forms a square against imaginative Neptune. Instead, we can use this transit to be gentle on ourselves, build ourselves up, and tap into our creative talents. We might enjoy spending time with a book , taking a walk in nature, or simply quieting our minds. Our feelings intensify on Thursday, as romantic-ruling Venus creates a sextile with powerful Pluto.

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We may feel inspired to turn up the heat in our romantic relationships and bedrooms as these planets complement each other. Not much could hold us back from chasing our dreams on Friday, when the Sun creates a trine with ambitious Mars. We can take advantage of this helpful transit by making headway on passion projects and reaching out to people who can help us reach your goals. My sister Karla was the first in our family to go to college.

Daily Astrology Horoscope All Signs: February 9 2015 Moon Void in Libra

In affairs of the heart, the Great Conjunction could herald all kinds of incredible developments, from a meant-to-be soulmate meeting to a bold next step with your long-term love. Batten down those emotional hatches on Wednesday! Excitable Mars in your partnership house squares off with Pluto, lord of the underworld, sending a rogue wave across your otherwise calm emotion ocean.

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  5. And where THEY go, so goes your temperament. A Mars-Pluto tussle is one of the heavier heavenly mashups, and it might really throw you for a loop.

    Horoscope: February 9, 2020

    Anger, negativity and even bad behavior are part of life—and relationships. Process them internally or with a therapist type then find a healthy way to express them.

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    6. Need inspiration? That should be readily available for many Libras on Christmas Eve and Day, thanks to the sensual Taurus moon slinking through your erotic eighth house. Whether single or partnered, one text or sultry gaze from a naughty elf might be all it takes to get you purring.

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      Slipping off for a private moment could be the challenging part. United States.

      Libra Daily Horoscope – February 9 2020

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