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December 2020 Taurus Monthly Horoscope Prediction - Taurus Moon Sign Predictions

The Moon, during its transit from the twelfth house, will pass through the Nakshatras of 'Ketu' and Mercury. Under its effect the mind will remain disturbed and tense. You will feel vulnerable today, so it is better to avoid rousing emotions. Taureans by nature are forceful in nature, still you should avoid disputes today, failing which it may be harmful.

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Try to avoid the red color today. It will be appropriate for you to meditate if you can. Worship of lord Krishna, or Vasudeva will bring you good results. Avoid either sale or purchase of anything special and refrain from borrowing or lending money today. Try to repay long-standing dues if you can. You should also postpone fresh investments if possible. Avoid initiating new projects even if it gives you the impression that everything seems okay. Starting a new project during the Moons transit from the twelfth house may result in loss and strain in some form or other.

You should have control on your expenses failing which your expenditure budget is likely to shoot up. Keep a control over your attitude and behavior, don't do anything unjust unto others. You may feel very sleepy today. Refrain from consuming alcoholic drinks or any type of drugs. Avoid standing on high places, as there is the risk of falling down. By taking adequate care and measures, you can spend the day without any loss, and look forward to better fortune in the future.

December 25, 2020

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Taurus December Horoscope

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Taurus Moon Sign(Rishabham)

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