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Which months will be great and which will be tough? What influence will the Cancer rising sign have on your year? What's your goal for ? An early look at Jupiter and Neptune will help you succeed and encourage you to be creative. Cancer Months:. What's in store for Cancer? Astrology rating:. Basking in love.

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You'll feel lost. Love is back with a bang. Change is on the way. No challenge is too big. Cupid has plans for you. Embrace the positive vibes. Learn to relax. Beware of misunderstandings. Professional challenges lead you to new realms in Yet, you questioned your relationships and struggled to commit fully! In , you pursued the relaunch of an activity or the start of a new job. You really did demonstrate all your abilities!

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Cancer Career Horoscope 2021

A review of February June Make sure to be kind to yourself during these changes. If you can do this, then will be a great time for growth.

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If you cannot do this, then you will only find stress even during the Mercury retrogrades. January has the Sun in Capricorn blessing your relationships in every part of life. This is a great time to improve your platonic and work-related relationships. February will be extremely lucky for you. You are likely to see a boost in your romantic and sexual relationships. However, Uranus may bring out your sensitive side.

March brings a dreamy nature, brought by the Sun in Pisces. This is a time to work on your projects, social relationships of all kinds, and your sex life. April is a good time to focus on your career. Late in the month, Mars will enter Cancer.

This will allow you to be more productive than usual. Your finances will also see a boost this month. May encourages you to keep the focus on your career if you want to see success. However, try to keep this in balance with your social life or else your relationships may struggle. June has Venus entering Cancer near the beginning of the month, making this a perfect time to work on your love life. Mars also gives additional strength in your sex life until mid-June. July brings the focus back around to your finances.

It should be easy to do this, as Mercury will be in your sign for about half of the month. Jupiter in Pisces, near the end of the month, will encourage you to spend money on your hobbies and friends. August makes you feel a renewed sense of determination to accomplish your goals. You will feel more focused at work, compassionate in your platonic relationships, and passionate in your romantic relationships.

September is the time to make adjustments to your yearly plan. Ask for advice from your loved ones and spend more time with your family this month. October predicts a boon in your social life. You are likely to meet new people and spend more time with your family members. You will also see good luck in finances this month. November brings conflicts from others. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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Hailey Bieber posted a "raw, unedited" selfie. This Home Alone plot hole is really annoying fans. Why Jennifer Lopez might cancel her wedding. Cosmopolitan UK. Changes coming for Cancer in Five of Coins You are the deepest star sign when it comes to holding onto your past - the people, places, events and, yes, wounds that have happened to you.

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