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Hi Santana, Use Emerald as your lucky stone. It will help you in all respect. The planet Mercury rules over the science and research. Hence, Emerald in the little finger will be the most suitable. My date of birth is 8th November, I was born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Should I wear neelam?

And what gemstones should I be wearing? I was born on at pm on 8th November, in Kolkata, West Bengal. What gemstones should I wear? And about my career, Can I become a doctor? Blue Sapphire is the best-suited gemstone for you. You should wear at least 5 carats with silver in the middle finger.

As for career, you need avail our paid consultation. I am going through lots of problems in life regarding career and success. Which gemstone should I wear? It will help you to get rid of the situation. Is this ok or having any problem. Use Ruby at least 5 carats with gold in ring finger. It will benefit you a lot as Sun is debilitated in your birth chart.

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Hello, My birthday is Sept. I was born in India Alwar, Rajasthan.

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And the type of gemstones we wear — are they affected by our names or just our birth dates? Hi DM The gemstone is selected on the basis of date, time and place of birth as per Indian Vedic astrology. However, the gemstone can also be selected by the help of date of birth which is based on numerology and numerology is not a system that is available in Veda. Hi sir, i was born at 5. Which gemstone is suitable for me and how should i wear it. Also can i wear pukhraj? Hi Shawn Your lucky stone is Diamond. You can also wear Emerald at least 4 carats. Yellow Sapphire is not a suitable stone for you.

Dear sir, this is k. Vijaya Raju. My dob is 12 march I have changed my ame as k. Numerologist suggested me to wear yellow sapphire to index and opal stone to ring finger. As I understand Yellow Sapphire is perfect. However, the opal and Gomed should not be worn together with Yellow Sapphire.

Hi Pankaj You have not shared your place of birth. However, you belong to number 9 that denotes Red Coral is the best suitable stone. I can let you know if Blue Sapphire is beneficial to you once you share place of birth with me. If you have worn, then you need to remain alert lest it should not harm you.

You should remove it in case it is not working. My name is vignesh. Will it be beneficial for me? Please advice and thanks in advance. You should go for the White Pearl at least 5 carats. Later, when your wallet allows you, go for the diamond or white sapphire since the ascendant lord Venus is posited in the 8th house.

Sir My name is simran.. And my birth date is 17th of novemeber.. The person told me that it is neelam.. Hi Simran You have not shared the year of birth. Please share in order to calculate the correct lucky stone. Hi Deepti Your ascendant lord is Moon which is afflicted by Saturn. Hence, wearing White Pearl will be beneficial in all respect. Diamond is not a suitable gemstone for you. Your lucky number is 3. Hi Deepti Wearing Yellow Sapphire together with Pearl is a perfect match and can be highly beneficial.

Hi Deepti Yellow Sapphire at least 5 carats with gold in index finger and Pearl at least 3 carats with silver in ring finger on Monday. Hi Bhusan The Red Coral 7 carats with gold in ring finger and White Pearl at least 5 carats with silver will help for the overall development in life.

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Hello sir i am born at in morning at mumbai,my birth date is 24th Dec ,plss suggest me wat gem stone should i wear. Wear at least 4 carats with silver on Saturday. Sir my name is sanjida hasan hiya.

Date of birth is 13th may I born on friday evening pm. Place- Dinajpur Bangladesh..

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Hi Sanjida You should wear Emerald at least 5 carats with in little finger on Wednesday. It will be beneficial to your career, profession and happiness. Sir my date of birth is and time is PM. Please suggest gemstone and metal for success in my studies, job and career. Thank you. Hi Mitali Please share your place of birth in order to calculate your birth chart and stone as well.

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Hi Mitali Sorry to reply you late. Wear Emerald for the betterment in studies, career and profession. Hi Pravin Wear Pearl at least 3 carats with silver in ring figner. Offer water to the Lord Sun everyday. Read Aditya Hriday Stotram everyday. Offer 3 banana to the Lord Ganesh in the temple for 43 days.

Feed the cow first Roti putting mustard oil on it. Hi Pravin You can use Pearl 7. Since Dec I am suffering from marital problem, to resolve this problem and for business success please suggest suitable gemstone for me Thank you Regards Rahul. Hi Rahul, It is unfortunate to hear. Use Yellow Sapphire in index finger on Thursday for the betterment in marital life and business. Hi Muhammad, You are born with Scorpion ascendant. The Mars is the most beneficial planet for you. However, it is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu.

Hence, wearing Red Coral can be beneficial in all aspect. Hello Sir, I need your recommendation on the right gemstone and other remedial measures. I am going through a rough patch in my career, since September My DOB — 4th September Time — I would appreciate all advice you provide.

I have started wearing an emerald on my little finger since Jan Hi Nikhil, You have used the Emerald which is a correct gemstone. I recommend you to wear Budh Yantra made of silver and 4 faced Rudraksha.

அழியா புகழ் தரும் எண் - 8 - 8,17,26 ல் பிறந்தோர்க்கான நியூமராலஜி பலன்கள்!

Hello sir! My birth date is dec which gemstone is suitable for me.?

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The number 27 belongs to Mars. Hi, My name is Monica, date of birth is , Hyderabad. The good I do to others is always taken in a wrong way. Kindly suggest what stone should I be wearing.

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Hi Monika You should wear white pearl or moonstone.