Full moon 9 february 2021 astrology

Waning Crescent on 9 February Tuesday

This happened several years ago. I paid back a friend and wrote her a check for one hundred twenty dollars. The bank misread it and deposited six hundred twenty dollars into her checking account! She told me there was a problem with her account and the bank told her to leave it alone till they figured it out. Meanwhile I went to the ATM and attempted a withdrawl. I couldn't do it as there was no money in my account! When I told my friend what happened, we realized the extra five hundred sitting in her account was MY money.

It took a few days but it got fixed. My friend and I analyzed my cancelled check and at first glance, the dollar amount DOES look more like and not But if they had actually read what was written out they would have seen that it clearly said one hundred twenty dollars and no cents!

Mars enters Taurus

March of and March I broke my leg - the same leg during Mercury retrograde. Freak accidents. For those who do not believe, believe, especially if your sign rules in Mercury like Gemini or Virgo. Mercury retrograde can have effect on others depending on which sign the retrograde falls under.

December 25: Ritual and Tradition

Computers glitch. Payments or purchase orders may be delayed or not recorded or recorded incorrectly. Relationships can be turbulent because of miscommunications and misunderstandings, especially if the relationships started in a previous retrograde, they can end suddenly without warning. Exes or romantic prospects can appear out of thin air and or vanish once the retrograde is over.

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Never change jobs during Mercury retrograde because there is a possibility that the change can be short lived. Travel only if necessary but have a list of what you are packing and check it twice. Have room in your schedule for delays. Do not move, get married, divorced, buy a business, house or new car or any large purchase during the retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2021

Also, do not get any planned surgery or physically altering procedure or hairstyle change that cannot be undone. You can make plans, then wait until after Mercury goes direct. I do not believe retrograde. Until I read this article I would never known about any of this.

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  • So keep in mind you are what you read. Life is good, what happens, happens. But tomorrow really is just another day. It might be sunny, or raining but you either go to work or not. Life it's what we live for. Towards the middle of this retrograde, I began to subconsciously immerse myself in it and learn from all the lessons its brought my way. For a second, I forgot it was retrograde and began to just go with the jarring, "backwards" nature of this period of time. I found myself not being able to "land" on a focus for my day today I googled and found this!

    Thanks for being online - so that I could re-member my sensitivity to Mercury Retrograde, and take things a little easier. Externally, a chat group in which I participate, got their knickers in a twist over pretty much everything I wrote. One person seemed totally unable to understand simple sentences and refused to own her mistakes. Fortunately, none of the group are important in my life, they're just on the periphery.

    On the up side, it has been excellent practice in seeing what matters and discarding the rest. It is very empowering to ignore people who are seeking conflict. Tracked Mercury retrogrades since This is one of the worst ever. Computer battery died. One AC broke last week, the other today. First AC contractor broke my door lock then denied it and won't pay.. Door repair expert didn't come for almost a week. Home warranty company has now offshored customer service to Asia, all by script, no one thinking, so for the first time in 19 yrs says I cannot choose the AC contractor, they will assign one.

    The one I want shows not on their list but has been for years. Will have to call the contractor and tell them to correct home warranty company records.

    Knee injury Deal closing keeps being delayed 3 weeks. I could go on but you get the idea Luckily I have positive communication skills professionally so have avoided conflict except with contractor and home warranty company, with whom I have been very firm but not rudely angry.

    I too have not wanted to go out to buy food, finally had to. Counting down until lst of August, but remember we have the shadow period which tails off for 2 more weeks, heaven help us all!

    Moon Phases 2020 – Lunar Calendar for Islamabad, Pakistan

    Things are looking up over all. Its not perfect, and I've worked hard to fix up my life. I've done more dumb things outside of Mercury Retrograde, like send a package to the wrong address. So this retrograde thing makes me wonder what it's all about. Calamity at Husbands work with new computer system.

    2021, father and son, the uneasy cohabitation...

    I could go on but you may not believe me! Came home last night and my automatic door opener wouldn't work. Changed the battery and still no go. I heard electronic and mechanical things go haywire during retrograde.. One of our chickens got away our old man parakeet died stroke? The new tablet I just got broke husband has been moody and under the weather don't feel like leaving the house to shop for food the AC water drain thing broke and watered the basement the water drain hoses for the H2O conditioner came out of the drain and again watered the basement Today is the 18th.

    I want to hide until Aug. This is the worst mercury in retrograde. Things have been off for me in all aspects of life. Hurry and end. Last day of retrograde and my daughters dog got hit by a car, her boyfriend got in a car accident rushing to the vet. Contact Links Facebook. Moon Phase Lunar Phase. Moon Sign. February 9, Waning Crescent. Date Organs influenced by the Moon Sign Surgery. Feb 1. Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin.

    Feb 2. Feb 3. Libra from Scorpio. Feb 4. Feb 5. Scorpio from Sagittarius. Feb 6. Feb 7. Sagittarius from Capricorn. Feb 8.