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The Art of Interpreting Horoscopes. India has always been an astrological society but at some point of time in the early part of the 20th century, the educated began to develop a certain distaste for this ancient science, largely because of the educational system in the country which distanced itself from the traditional branches of learning under a mistaken notion that by doing so, it was proving its rational credetials. However astrology has stood the test of time and in recent years has made a resurgence.

This has swept away Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs.

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Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs is the first book of its kind based on research oriented papers. These days when marriages are turning to be just a contract of convenience, the institution as a whole is falling a prey to objectivism. Adherance to our ancient cultural heritage and to get acquainted with planetary influences on marital affairs so as to get the best choice and avail the real bliss of the nuptial knot is the need of the hour. The theme of the book is to educate our Subramonia Iyer. This Important classic on electional astrology and Muhoortha in Indian Astrology.

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The value and practice of scence of astrology were well understood in India by the ancient aryans. It was the first sketch of science of the ancient Brahmanas to whom a knowledge of astronomical positions were indispensable in order to determine the proper time for commencing and ending their sacrifices, which could not be known without the knowledge of suns northern or southern progress,The election system Gulika in Astrology. Gulika is a sensitive point in the Zodiac emerging at different points on different days.

The present book makes an in-depth of study of Gulika and its various aspects based on the classics of Indian and Kerala Astrology, like Prasnamarga, Phaladeepika etc. Extensively quoted with Sanskrit texts in Devanagari. This is a compendium of all relevant material available on Gulika. The only study of Dasa System and Prediction. Introducing the basic concepts of the Dasa system as existing in different texts, the reader is taken to a deep discussion of Udu dasa system, which is the present prevalent system on which the dasa prediction is based and is in practice. Replete with tables on different Swami Vijnananda.

Brihat Jatakam of Varaha Mihira. This Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira is generally considered all over India as one of the best and most authoritative treatises on the science of Hindu Horoscopy. In fact, Varaha Mihira is recognized as the greatest to the Indian astrologers. There are four commentaries on this work. The well-known is that of Bhatta Utpala; another is known as Subodhini; the third is Mudraksari and the fourth is known as Sripatiyam.

The commentary of Bhatta Utpala is followed in this work. The author has written Dinesh S. This book deals with Vedic progression.

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The samhitas like Bhrigu and Arun, and the Nadis have used this technique to make astounding predictions relatihng to a very large number of biht chart that they have analysed. This technique hasd gone into disuse over the last few centuries. Desultory efforts were made in the recent past to rediscover it but without any success. The author has worked on it for long. He has described the technique very lucidly in the book and has successfully shown it s Joni Patry. How to Make Money via Astrology.

About the Book:Use the power of Eastern Astrology to unleash one's prosperity potential. This Book enables everyone to use the power of cycles pertaining to the planets for personal financial gain. In a search to alleviate the massive problems humanity has concerning financial lack Joni focused on the issues of money and astrology. Through self-analysis she found the many deep rooted emotional issues we use to imprison ourselves.

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It is actually our relationship with money that reveals our own A Complete Book on Medical Astrology. About the Author: Shri V. Choudhry is well known in the field of Vedic Astrology through his many books and articles. His managerial background has enabled him to use modem communicative skills in so systematic a manner that the comprehension of predictive techniques has been greatly simplified. Yogaarnava: Yogas in Indian Astrology. This book is a compilation of YOGAS in Indian Astrology that are specific planetary combinations, identifiable in any horoscope, which are deemed to have the special power and capacity of bringing forth some explicit results, good or bad.

They are found in abundance and lie scattered by mention, in the various astrological texts of yore. Though technically any conjunction of planets can go under the classification of yoga, the ancient astrological treatises have identified some of the select About the Book:This book is based on a deeper spiritual understanding of how the houses and planets combine with signs to give specific events.

Astrology is the Divine science that makes sense of the order of the Universe.

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In this book you will come to understand how mathematically numbers are the bases of astrology. The houses in astrology are the core essence that will give numbers meaning. Once the meanings of houses are understood in terms of the numerical order the perfection of the Srinivasan Sastry. This book is unique and very handy for the Astrologers to look into the profession and lifestyle of an individual as per Brighu Naadi Astrology. The author has given different methods to know the type of profession, date of entering into the profession etc.

In the second part the author has given the guidelines for the readers to The Whatsapp group has been quite helpful to me as far as my astrology business is concerned. As internet is a treasure house of learning and earning, there are ample of videos, PDFs, FAQs and tutorials easily available. You can have multiple learning resources for free. You can learn while on the move. Personally, I am not comfortable reading books on the internet or on the screen. I feel sometimes the taste of learning from books is really awesome.

The computer and mobile screen is a kind of illusion. It is not easy to memorize the subjects by the help of internet. The physical book can be a great help. You can have command easily on any subjects when you read a printed version of any book. How many pages you should read daily to become a successful astrologer? You should be very punctual as to your learning.

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  • There is no end of learning process. Every day, you need to read to keep yourself updated with astrological knowledge. The more you read, more you succeed in your professional career. Hence, make a habit of reading at least 30 pages of a book every day. It will not only grow your knowledge, it will create avenues for money as well.

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    Create a small library at home or office. However, these books will not help you to predict the future of human being with modern thought and approach. It is very important to keep in mind geography and technological changes of the world while predicting future of the people from different location of the world. It is also wise to participate seminars on astrology and occult studies that will help you to learn new things on your subjects.

    These books are quite helpful for both beginners and advanced students. Panchang is the base of astrological prediction and Muhurta. It is impossible to perform prediction and astrological activities without Panchang. The astrologers used to work with traditional Panchang that used to get published yearly.

    However, the traditional Panchang sometimes is not accepted unanimously. The table of ascendant is a handy book on crafting ascendant within few minutes for any places in the world. This is a must have books for your library. Keeping Panchang is a cumbersome job these days. It is very difficult to preserve the Panchang for every year. Nowadays, there are various kinds of Panchang available in the world.

    There are different Panchang for different religion even.

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    • The Satabdi Panchang is a great resource to cast the horoscope for years. There different publishers who have published ephemeris for one hundred years.

      Top 5 Basic Vedic Astrology books For beginners /Best Astrology books / English translated /

      The Lahiri Indian Ephemeris has few parts. Each part consists of 10 years planetary movement and calculation. The book is written by Dr G S Kapoor. Dr G S Kapoor has written many books on astrology, gemstone and remedial measures in astrology. The book Gems and Astrology, Remedial measures in astrology is quite popular among the savants of astrologers across the world. Learn astrology the easy way a handbook that can be studied by both beginner and advanced student. The book covers the calculation of Local meantime, Latitude and Longitude and divisional charts, Mahadasha, Antardasha by using Lahiri Indian Ephemeris and table of ascendant.

      You will never be unhappy if you read this book. I faced many obstacles in the beginning of my astrological career. I could not understand how to calculate ascendant, planetary longitudes, Gulika, Mandi, Navamsa, Mahadasha etc.