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Gemini rules the lungs, shoulders and the nervous system.

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Geminis are the natural multi-taskers of the zodiac. During Gemini season, we may be prone to nervous energy, flightiness and may find it hard to be still or focus on one thing at a time. Blue Lace Agate promotes cohesiveness of thought. This gemstone is said to help remove blockages from the nervous system and relieve shoulder and neck problems, which is exactly what Gemini energy needs when it gets overly heady or holds too much tension in the body.

This soft and light gemstone contains the qualities of flight, air, movement and grace. Blue Lace Agate is beneficial for remembering spiritual essence. This stone is highly attuned to the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras.

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Blue Lace Agate helps balance yin-yang energy, and integrates our emotional and intellectual and etheric natures. Blue Lace Agate encourages clear self-expression, dissolving established patterns of repression and self-censorship which can lead to throat chakra blockages and chest issues.

It often is the case that addictions and oral fixations in adulthood stem from a childhood dynamic of not being heard and validated. Gemini energy can help us benefit from the preservative and rejuvenating qualities of Apophyllite. The high water content of this mineral is a good counter for the airy nature of Gemini. Apophyllite enhances mindful analysis and clear transmission of information verbal and vibration.

It also promotes openness, counters negative thought spirals and anxiousness. This crystal also promotes inner peace, heals grief, activates the heart center. It can also allow users to channel and absorb infinite universal energy and experience the true bliss of oneness. The Gemini Twins are the first appearance of humanity in the zodiac. The Gemini sun sign is represented by the Twins, which explains why Geminis are often said to have split personalities and quick-changing moods. Their dual nature creates a mixture of energies that can often seem conflicting, yet it gives them the ability to see both sides of an argument and easily adapt to their environment like a chameleon; they can be a social butterfly or reserved depending on their settings.

The Gemini nature is playful, curious, and quick-witted.

5 Healing Crystals for Gemini! Metaphysical Monday

They are intelligent and wise, and they are always thinking through or learning something new. They need variety and are always working on many different projects because they get bored when they have to focus on just one. Communication is a strength for Gemini sun signs, but they can be quite direct. When Geminis are at their best, they are adventurous, light-hearted, and go with the flow. On the other hand, they can be anxious, inflexible, and quick to fall in and out of love with people, vocations, and things.

With the help of Gemini crystals, Gemini sun signs can enhance their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses. Ametrine is a stone that has a dual nature just like Gemini; it is a harmonious blend of amethyst feminine energy and citrine masculine energy , and as such, it can help balance out the dual nature of Gemini. With all of that going for it, this Gemini stone singlehandedly helps Gemini to access their inner wisdom and act from a place of power to bring about the changes they seek.

It works with the throat and heart chakras to create better communication, helping them bring more love and gentleness into their communications so they are better heard and understood. With its help, Gemini sun signs can better access their adventurous side and go through life with more courage, confidence, and self-love. Blue stones are some of the best stones for Geminis because they further enhance their communication skills.

Although good communication comes naturally to them, they can often be blunt and speak off the cuff.

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Blue Quartz helps them to bring peace and tranquility to their communications, hereby deepening their understanding and connection with others. It also helps them access a focused mind so that they can utilize their witty intellect more fully. It brings them flexibility, reduces their urge to fidget, and helps them openly express their spirituality. Citrine is a beautifully joyful stone with a sunny disposition that can help Gemini feel radiant and positive.

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It promotes passion, motivation and vibrant energy, and it helps them to move through life with self-confidence and positivity. As Geminis are so charismatic and social, citrine can help them attract the right people and situations into their lives to bring about the transformations they seek. Citrine also serves as a good luck charm for Gemini signs. Emerald assists Geminis with their intellectual side, helping them to infuse intuition and discernment into their intellectual practices. It improves communication, cooperation, and brings balance to group interactions.

It boosts mental clarity and memory, and it helps them come to new insights and wise solutions. Emerald promotes patience, which can help Geminis stick with what they are working on before jumping to the next endeavor.

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Howlite is great for settling a busy mind, which is something Geminis can often struggle with. It also sharpens the mind, helping them understand the thoughts that are floating through their heads. It offers Geminis a soothing energy that reduces their tendency for selfishness.